Soft Dream Sofa, Flexform by Antonio Citterio


The Flexform Soft Dream Sofa is an elegant and comfortable seating system by famous Italian designer Antonio Citterio. Through the realization of this model, 'soft dreams' are realized. That was the challenge for Citterio when designing this model. A refined look and heavenly sitting feeling make the sofa suitable for any room. 

The Soft Dream sofa is a special piece with its own personality. The design is versatile, flexible and stylish. As a sofa, the Soft Dream is a true lightweight. The Soft Dream seems to float through its delicate metal legs and the space under the sofa. These legs are made in cast metal.

Furthermore, the sofa is made of a cowhide-covered base on which the seat cushions rest. Unlike a normal sofa, the thick cushions are soft and resilient due to the down filling and a resilient inner core. The fabric series is Edison 910 and all cushion are washable.

275 W x 80 D x 38 SH/68 H cm
Fabric Cushion > Edison 910 > 20% Cotton - 10% Linen - 60% Viscose - 10% Polyester