Varier Ekstrem Chair by Terje Ekstrøm


Ekstrem is not merely a chair, but rather a stand-alone object. It represents one of Norway’s first postmodern designs. This chair dates from the early 90’s and was recently upholstered with original knitted fabric.

The unconventional geometry of the Ekstrem chair provides the freedom to sit in a wide variety of positions. Whether you opt for a forward-facing stance with your feet planted on the ground, a sideways pose with your legs resting on the armrests, or a completely backward orientation with the front of your torso against the chair's back, the resulting sitting experience is truly extraordinary.


The designer Terje Ekstrøm created this chair in 1984 and has been an iconic piece of furniture in design museums, residential projects and architectural office spaces. The Ekstrem chair is also available for rent.

W 72 x H 79 x D 70 cm
Ekstrem is an open framework constructed of wool-covered foam over a steel frame. The chair consists of two identical mirror-facing steel frames which are covered by polyurethane foam.