Work Desk De Coene


Mid-Century stately wooden desk with glass top by De Coene. This sturdy multipurpose desk has four symmetrical drawers on either side. The upper drawer has a lock on it to keep your valuables safe. Its constructed with aluminum details and also a removable glass top which is giving the wooden desk a surprising break, creating lightness. 

De Coene was founded in 1887 in Kortrijk (Belgium) by Jozef de Coene, who was at that time 13 years old. In 1895, his younger brother Adolphe joined the company. In their early years, De Coene was inspired by Henry van de Velde, Art Deco and the Arts & Crafts movement. The company made many custom-made furnishings which has led to expansive growth. After WWI, Jozef De Coene visited the United States where he became acquainted with laminated wood production, and purchased a wood-stripping machine. They were the first company that made triplex in Belgium which has led to the ability to mass produce.

H79 W178 D80
Aluminum, Wood