Tecta B1 Three-legged armchair


The asymmetric chair, B1, designed by Stefan Wewerka can be seen as representative of this collaborative work. Its forerunners include chair sculp­tures which lead to a product with multiple seating options, one of which is the wide cobbler’s chair appreciated by Wewerka.


The B1 stands solidly on three legs, one part of the back acts as an armrest, and changing the seated position can actually be suggested by the shape pattern and material. This is no longer about sitting in rows; instead, it enables a range of conversations and activities. The detail in the finish, with ­tapered legs and smooth transitions in the backrest for instance, shows just how far removed the B1 is from bricolage, developed as a stand-alone object working in a formal and functional har­mony conducive to non-hierarchical com­munication. Please note, price is per chair.

H77 W68 D50 SH46 cm
Frame beechwood, Seating Bauhaus stripe in cotton