origin story

We at Atelier Uma are driven by the belief that a life well lived means surrounding yourself with beauty and soul. Our Atelier is located in a former church.

We’re passionate about pieces that tell a story - conversation pieces, because we believe the world’s best design is more than merely functional; it’s created by visionary minds and skilled hands. We source vintage and contemporary objects and create a go-to resource for everyone with a refined taste. We mix high-end pieces from auctions in Londen with lucky finds from marché aux puces in Paris. The midcentury treasures are treated with TLC (Tender Love & Care) by a small team of artisans. The pre-loved treasures are blended with a curated selection of refined goods, paint and design furniture.

Une muse aimée

Une muse aimée is a short form for a beloved muse in French and a endless inspiration for Atelier Uma.

The founder and enthusiast behind Atelier Uma is Twan van de Laar. With strong roots in women's fashion and an eye for aesthetics he taps his inspiration from treasure hunting and encounters with muses across the globe.


habitat in a church

Atelier Uma is housed in a church in the south of The Netherlands. The location breaths heritage and is the ideal backdrop for the treasures we collect.

When in the early 80's the church was still in use it was the sacristy where the priest prepared for service. Now it serves as the inspirational setting for folks with a great taste!