10 Minute Aroma Yuzu


Hibi's 10 Minute Aroma Yuzu is deal for easing the tension of mind and body to relax. This pack counts 30 matchsticks and a non-flammable mat. It fits easily in your palm and the incense can be lit without the need for a lighter. We recommend using the provided anti-flammable mat, even if you pair it with a ceramic plate like we do.


hibi's 10 minute Aroma Yuzu is part of their Japanese fragrances, together with Sandalwood and Japanese Cypress. These three aroma's form a collection of scents that celebrates Japanese traditional incenseThey are not necessarily scents that are entirely native to Japan. However, they represent ingredients commonly used and loved in Japanese traditional incense.


Size: Ø 14 x H 18 cm
Marble, polished natural stone