Edith Beurskens 3D art



The 3D artworks created by Edith Beurskens are a true addition to your interior. This specific piece is 100 x 70 cm in colour mushroom.


The base of the artworks is made of plant-based material PLA. The material is extracted from the remains of starchy plants, such as maize, sugar beet, cassava, grain and sugar cane. When transformed into a filament it's flexible to shape into any form. The surface is finished with sand texture and eco-paint. A selection of Edith’s work is presented in our church and available in a palette of tonal colours.


The artworks have a certificate of authenticity and are all signed and numbered.


30x21 cm
50x35 cm
70x49 cm
85x60 cm
100x70 cm
120x84 cm
140x100 cm