Finnsauna Lagerholm Sauna Stool


Sauna stools have been in use for centuries, predominantly in Japan and in Finland. While these pieces are mostly a utilitarian object, vintage sauna stools - like this one - from these countries are handmade, beautiful pieces.
Sauna stools are traditionally used as a perch while washing up in the bathhouse before entering the soaking tub. They also make good shower stools or bath-side tables because the pinewood can withstand the heat and humidity well. They are also bacteria and mildew resistant.  

Usually sauna stools have a simple construction, however this one from Finnsauna Lagerholm has a carved top that surpasses the functional role. The top is made of four interconnecting parts in a shape that resembles a Celtic knot. These individual parts are connected by two pins, leaving the design functional as water can flow through easily. 

While this stool was officially made for bathhouses, this stool clearly can be used as a common stool for underneath the dining table, in your living room, or purely for decoration purposes. It's a piece that can be applied in multiple ways.
The stool is in a good vintage condition and it has an attribution mark on the top bottom, as displayed. 

W 31 H 40 D 31