Garden Maze Rug by Campbell-Rey


A collection of hand-knotted rugs designed by London-based design duo Duncan Campbell and Charlotte Rey with a colourful and art deco-influenced sensibility and the floral motifs of Gustavian style, the neoclassicism of the North.


Gustavian style, a Swedish take on French neoclassicism dating back to the 1780s, with motifs like the wreath and the folding ribbon, is alongside ideas taken from the history of garden design, at the heart of this collection.


The Garden Maze rug is characterized by lush tones of green reminiscent of hedgerows and is an homage to the formal gardens of Russell Page. The deepening shades of green create a play on perspective and recall the geometric shadows of a hedge maze.



140 x 200
170 x 240
300 x 200
250 x 350
140 x 200 cm 170 x 240 cm 200 x 300 cm 250 x 350 cm
100% New Zealand wool, Goodweave™ Certified