Trestle Table by Rodney Kinsman for Bieffeplast


This Trestle table is designed by Rodney Kinsman for Bieffeplast and dates from around the 1980's. Its timeless design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing and its minimalist form makes it a popular choice for modern and also eclectic interiors. 

Rodney Kinsman is a British furniture designer who is known for his modernist designs. One of his most iconic pieces is this Trestle Table, which was first created in the 1970s. The Trestle Table is a minimalist design that consists of two trestles that support a glass tabletop. The trestles are made from white tubular steel and have a geometric
form. The tabletop is made of glass that lies in a white metal frame.

The table is a versatile piece of furniture and it is often used as a dining table, but it can also be used as a desk. The minimalist design of the table means that it can be paired with a variety of different chairs 
in different styles.

W167 H76 D76
Steel, Glass