Lisboa Multi Rug Grey


Introducing the Lisboa Rug Multi Grey from Dusty Deco. Hand-woven from 100% wool, this rug features a unique pattern inspired by a floor in Lisboa. Its contrasting colors and textures make it a standout piece. Available in two sizes. Elevate any space with the Lisboa Rug.


The Dusty Deco story started with Swedish couple Edin & Lina, their journey began with a shared passion for seeking the eclectic, collecting vibrant vintage, and inspiring design in their terms. What started as a weekend getaway quickly became a way of life-swapping snowy Sweden for sunny Mallorca, now they create contemporary collection pieces inspired by the vintage pieces they collected. Edin's words: "We always had the philosophy about only buying things we loved and wanted in our own house and I think this is something that can be applied here as well, we design things that we really love and want to live with, long term.".



200 x 300
300 x 400