Maija by Santa & Cole - Ilmari Tapiovaara


Maija conveys the feeling of light typical of Baltic cities, where the streets are barely illuminated, apart from the light that streams from the windows of homes and shops; from the inside outwards. A tower composed of stacked metal discs through which its inner light filters, vibrant and inviting conversation.


Ilmari Tapiovaara was a designer, interior architect, and teacher, becoming a leading figure of the post-World War II design drive. Distinguished for his furnishings and interior design, Tapiovaara s work explored the possibilities of multiplicity – creating different versions of an object from a single piece. His internship at Le Corbusier s studio and his close relationship with nature made him an explorer of new design, oriented for the first time towards the general...

H67 cm, Ø36cm
Metallic lampshade finished in matte white. Brass legs finished in matte. Diffuser in white translucent methacrylate. Dimmer included.