Occhio Mito Sospeso 40 Bronze Set of 2


A set of 2 Occhio Mito Sospese lamps in bronze. The Occhio Mito Sospeso 40 Hanging Lamp is a design by Axel Meise and is part of the Mito series. The disc-shaped Mito Sospeso Hanging Lamp has a sleek shape and has a double-sided light emission. Thanks to its design and ultra-modern technology, the hanging lamp offers a wide range of possibilities to effortlessly play with the light and adjust it completely to your wishes. This makes it possible to adjust the light color, strength and distribution with a simple hand movement to create the perfect atmosphere in your room.

The Mito Sospeso Hanging Lamp is made of aluminum, steel and plastic. You can choose from two lighting effects. Choose 'Table' if you want to hang the Mito Sospeso above, for example, the dining table or the kitchen island. This version shines with a wide beam of light upwards and downwards. Will the lamp hang freely in a room? Then choose 'Room' where the lamp shines with diffuse light upwards, but illuminates the room with a concentrated beam of light downwards.

The Mito Sospeso 40 Hanging Lamp has a diameter of 40 centimeters and, thanks to the ingenious roll-up mechanism, can be infinitely adjusted in height between 50 and 200 centimeters. 


The set of 2 was used for one year in a residential projects and will be sold per set only. New set price was €5500, Set price now €3900

Ø 40 CM
Metal, Acryl