Oval marble pillar table


This table is made from one material, featuring an oval horse track top in green marble with white veining that elegantly sits on four cylindrical columns. Drawing inspiration from the vintage pieces of Mario Bellini, the column legs slightly taper in, giving this table a sculptural feel with subtle details.


The honed matt finish is durable and enhances the richness of the beautiful natural colour and vibrant veining. The craftsmanship here is unique, working with blocks of stone (vs. slabs), allowing these solid and sculptural forms to come to life.


The legs can be placed freely under the top and arranged as you desire for ultimate functional use. The top and legs are packed separately for ease of transport and installation.


The marble table line is created by Australian Interior designer Alexandra Coxon. She lives and works between Amsterdam and Portugal where the stone atelier is based.


This and other designs in this line are showcased in our atelier and available made-to-order in custom dimensions or various natural stones. Please drop us a line for enquiries.



180 x 100 cm
200 x 100 cm
220 x 110 cm
240 x 110 cm
260 x 110 cm
Sizes of table top are made on order. Height : 75cm Legs : 20cm Tabletop : 2,5cm thick
Portugese Green Marble