Paper Table Lamp


The Paper Table Lamp is a unique and delicate lamp crafted from fibers of mulberry bark, resulting in an irregular structure. Its individuality adds to its character and allows for versatile placement in both modern and classical settings. It can be used to enhance bookshelves or as a bedside lamp with a decorative touch.


The Dusty Deco story started with Swedish couple Edin & Lina, their journey began with a shared passion for seeking the eclectic, collecting vibrant vintage, and inspiring design in their terms. What started as a weekend getaway quickly became a way of life-swapping snowy Sweden for sunny Mallorca, now they create contemporary collection pieces inspired by the vintage pieves they collected. Edin's words: "We always had the philosophy about only buying things we loved and wanted in our own house and I think this is something that can be applied here as well, we design things that we really love and want to live with, long term.".



H50 cm x ⌀ 45 cm
Fabric cord, Paper