Robert Mallet-Stevens Set of Six Dining Chairs


Robert Mallet-Stevens for Stevens Designs, set of six dining chairs model 222, France, 1980's. 

These six dining chairs, designed by renowned French architect Robert Mallet-Stevens, showcase his mastery of Modern architecture and functional design. Fabricated for the first time in France by Ecart in 1928.
Mallet-Stevens believed in creating furniture that was both practical and suitable for mass production. These chairs are a testament to his vision, embodying simplicity, durability, and stackability. No decorative elements distract from their sheer functionality.

Robert Mallet Stevens (1886-1945), a renowned French modernist and also master of the Bauhaus School, was highly regarded for his contributions as an architect, designer of interiors, film sets and furniture. He is widely recognized as one of the most influential French architects of the early twentieth century.

Please take note that the price is for a set of six. We have three sets available. If you want to buy more chairs than six, please drop us a line.

H90 W41,5 D55 SD42 SH46,5 cm
Chromed Steel, Faux Leather