De Sede sofa


Designers who appreciate "Truth to Materials", look no further than this iconic Mid-Century Modern Swiss extendable sofa in 2-seater + 1-seater sofa, hocker. The De Sede DS-47. The wide extendable seat is covered in an enormous single hide of raw, uncoated/open pore buffalo. The entire back side of the sofa wrapping around to the seat backrest is in another enormous single hide of buffalo.

This upholstery method achieves an incredible sense of plushness and luxury. But more importantly, it inimitably shows off the natural beauty of the material. Buffalo has very deep and pronounced natural stretch marks and texture in the leather.


De Sede has aligned the symmetry of the hides with the symmetry of the sofa to maximize the harmony of design and material. This sofa is extremely soft and comfortable. A purposefully patina hungry leather, the raw aniline in this early 1960s example wears its long history proudly.

H70 W135 Seating D 58 cm
Buffalo (neck) leather