Wow makers paint - Colour Bali


100% mineral based paint for walls, ceilings and laid-back luxury interior objects. We are wow makers colours are developed with love and attention for life and nature. Now available as sample card, 1 ltr and 2,5 ltr. 


2,5 L = approximately 20m2*

For a subtle plaster look, apply the first coat with a roller, the second coat with a block brush in vertical strokes, dilute your paint with 10% water.
M2 : 8 = 2,5 L
Example: 20 m2 x 2 = 40 m2 : 8 = 5 L


For texture and depth, apply one thick coat with a block brush, to add additional hues and depth, dilute your paint with 10% water before applying the “second” coat; apply the paint here and there, do not repaint the entire wall.
M2 : 5 = 4 L
Example 20 m2 x 1.5 = 30m2 : 5 = 6 L


* Coverage per m2 is calculated on one coat and dependent on surface and thickness of application.

The ideal temperature for painting is between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius. A higher temperature will cause the paint to dry faster, which can cause streaks and visible overlaps. Our water-based paints dry less well in temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius.







Sample card
1 Ltr
2.5 ltr